Sport Performance

Are you a student-athlete or weekend warrior and looking to increase your athletic ability to remain competitive throughout the year? Then join us for our special Sport Performance Programs.  The greatest characteristic that athletes develop through training is confidence!  We guarantee that our athletes will walk on the field or court being stronger, faster and highly conditioned. 


Year-round Strength Training

McMillan Training Systems provides year-round strength training to meet the specific and current needs of todays student athletes.  McTS uses a trackable program to gradually build specific strengths in a safe manner.  We provide correct technique training for major lifts as well as accommodating exercises that develop strength, power and speed that is needed for every athlete.


Pre-season Conditioning

At McMillan Training Systems we take pride in our ability to condition athletes for their specific upcoming sport seasons.  We work on speed, strength, running and change of direction skills {agility} with our special training techniques that will develop a higher level of conditioning.  We are able to work with individuals, small groups and teams.


Speed & Power Development

McMillan Training Systems use plyometrics to develop power output in our athletes.  Our special training technique will develop first-step quickness, change of direction speed and over-starting speed.  We use a unique box jump program as a major component in training that has directly helped our trainers and former athletes to compete at their highest ability within their sport.