Pre-season Conditioning

Conditioning is something that McMillan Training Systems focuses on throughout the year. During an athlete's pre-season, we turn our attention to a higher focus on game preparation. Even though we do not work on specific sport skills, we do work on overall athletic ability. Our high level of conditioning allows for the athlete to stay competitive in the game throughout the season.


Pushing and Pulling (Prowlers and Sleds)

McMillan Training Systems uses Prowlers and sleds for developing a higher level of conditioning for athletics.  The Prowler is used as multiple reps for extended time or with max weight to build overall strength and stamina. Sleds are normally used to develop starting speed, but can be used to create muscle fatigue. 

Box Jumping

McMillan Training Systems uses boxes for the development of strength, power and acceleration. Rick McMillan has developed a box jump circuit that builds joint strength - preparing the athlete for contact in sport, power output in linear and lateral movements, while developing overall speed related to sports. 


Ladders and Running Drills

McMillan Training Systems uses ladders and running drills for conditioning, to warm up the body and to develop acceleration and deceleration efficiency.  Running drills consist of timed runs for distance with timed breaks to short explosive drills that tend to be more sport-specific.