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Lancaster’s Original Warehouse Gym

Message from the Owner

Welcome to McMillan Training Systems.  Speaking for McTS trainers, clients, my wife Lauren and myself, you are embarking on a new journey into health and fitness.  McMillan Training System is not your normal gym… it is your opportunity to find and enhance your passion in life.  Whether it’s competing in a strength event or obstacle race or maybe just preparing for a vacation hike or wedding, McTS can help you reach your goals and beyond. 

McMillan Training Systems is based on functional training that will allow you to develop strength, lose weight and condition your body to create a new you that is able to keep up with what ever life throws at you.  At McTS we want you to not only learn what to do, but why and how.  This allows you to take responsibility for your own journey on your desired goals. 

Your first step is to walk through the door.  Your second step is to be honest with your self in setting your goals; and then lastly going after them.  Give yourself the opportunity to reach your goals. 






1140 Elizabeth Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601



5:30am – 8pm Weekdays
7:30am – 11am Saturday

24/7 for Premium Members



General Fitness

Functional Strength

At McMillan Training Systems we use various methods to fully work your body to strengthen muscles that you use every day and you feel stronger allowing you to do things you may not think you can do.


We at McTS work conditioning in to every workout knowing that stronger Cardiovascular Systems helps each and every person do more work and work longer throughout the day.   Or, we could just say you FEEL healthier.

Weight Loss

Our overall goal at McMillan Training System is to help each and every member to live their life at safe and healthy body weight.  We focus more on Body Fat percentage over actual Body Weight. 


Sports Performance

Year-round Strength Training

McMillan Training Systems provides year-round strength training to meet the specific and current needs of today’s student athletes.  McTS uses a track-able program to gradually build specific strengths in a safe manner.  We provide correct technique training for major lifts as well as accommodating exercises that develop strength, power and speed that is needed for every athlete.

Pre-season Conditioning

At McMillan Training Systems we take pride in our ability to condition athletes for their specific upcoming sport seasons.  We work on speed, strength, running and change of direction skills {agility} with our special training techniques that will develop a higher level of conditioning.  We are able to work with individuals, small groups and teams.

Speed & Power Development

McMillan Training Systems use plyometrics to develop power output in our athletes.  Our special training technique will develop first-step quickness, change of direction speed and over-starting speed.  We use a unique box jump program as a major component in training that has directly helped our trainers and former athletes to compete at their highest ability within their sport.



At McMillan Training Systems we use strongman training for athletes, everyday training and our group of Strongman competitors.  We have a variety of equipment to train for strongman and always looking for ways to grow.  Even though we are newer to the sport our athletes have made great progress and brought home several high placings in their competitions. 


McMillan Training Systems has a small group of men and women that powerlift for everyday strength and several that compete in USA Powerlifting and RPS; Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate.  McTS has a monolift as well as Reverse Hyper and Inverse Curl to go along with their wide variety of equipment to enhance their Powerlifting program.


Boot Camp

McTs Bootcamp Schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning @ 5:30, and also Tuesday, and Thursday evenings @6:30.

McTS Bootcamps are high intensity workouts that pair strength and conditioning to functionally challenge your mind, heart, and body.

Our bootcamp will help you take on everyday life challenges or train you to overcome athletic adventures. We do this by helping you building your self confidence, help you achieve your personal goals, and the knowledge of how to get there.


Bikini and Figure

We take pride in helping women conquer their fears in reshaping themselves and then show the world all of their hard work. McTS has a small committed group of women ages 20-60 that have a wide variety of experiences on stage. Contact us to find out what it takes to become one of these empowered women!

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