Year-Round Strength Training

McMillan Training Systems strength training programs will focus on the seasonal needs of the athlete.  Using a year-round strength base we manipulate major lifts through percentages based on their overall maximal lift.  McTS always focus on safety and proper technique for any lift performed.  Intensity and accomidation lifts are added to focus on the direct major lift or specific seasonal need.  We recommend 3-4 days a week during the off-season focusing on strength and power, pre-season we do 3-4 days of training, two lifts and two high conditioning.  While in-season we recommend 1-2 days to maintain strength and conditioning that focuses on rehabilitation and development of full body, while keeping in mind the overall demand placed on the athlete through everyday training.


5/3/1 Strength Training

McMillan Training Systems uses the 5/3/1 program as their main system for overall strength building.  The 5/3/1 developed by Jim Wendler uses core lifts within 4,3 or 2 day splits.  Added within each workout is assistance work to help build athletic strength and a conditioning component focusing on the days lift.  McTS requires athletes to complete their core lifts as if they were to be judged within a competition, this requires the athlete to work full range of motion building overall strength.  Assistance work works either as rehabilitation or the days goal or to strengthen the core movement of the day. 

Sport Running Skills (Change of Direction and acceleration)

McMillan Training Systems teaches Running technique and Change of Direction that is reinforced within their warm-up program.  McTS uses special training to strengthen specific muscles to help build turning skills, acceleration and first step quickness.  Training consist of pushing, pulling, throwing, jumping and lifting.  



Sport Specific Conditioning

High Intensity Training and Accomidating lifts   We end most of our workouts with HIT style circuit.  This allows the muscles used in the days workout to develop speed endurance.  We want our athletes to be as strong and fast at the end of their game/match as they were when they started.  Accomidating lifts help to develop speed strength by manipulating sets and reps.  We use prowlers, sleds and boxes in our training methods.