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Message from the Owner

Welcome to McMillan Training Systems.  Speaking for McTS trainers, clients, my wife Lauren and myself you are embarking on a new journey into health and fitness.  McMillan Training Systems is not your normal gym, it is your opportunity to find and enhance your passion in life.  Whether it’s competing in a strength event or obstacle race or maybe just preparing for a vacation hike or wedding, McTS can help you reach your goals and beyond. 

McMillan Training Systems is based on functional training that will allow you to develop strength, lose weight and condition your body to create a new you that is able to keep up with what ever life throws at you.  At McTS we want you to not only learn what to do, but why and how.  This allows you to take responsibility for your own journey on your desired goals. 

Your first step is to walk through the door.  Your second step is to be honest with your self in setting your goals; and then lastly going after them.  Give yourself the opportunity to reach your goals. 


Training For Life's Events

It does not matter if you are in need to create a new you, prepare for an upcoming vacation or train for a specific sporting event.  McMillan Training Systems is the gym to help you reach your goals in whatever trials you will go through.  Do not let your fitness level keep you from participating in desired events or keep you from performing at your highest physical level; McMillan Training Systems is Lancaster's premier fitness center. Call now to see our facility, meet members and staff, and start your journey.


McMillan Training Systems is a privately owned gym which allows it to cater to individual needs.  Schedule an appointment to see how McTS fits your goals.


General Fitness

General Fitness is for those looking to lose the unwanted pounds, just get in better shape by feeling stronger or working towards an occasion; such as wedding or vacation.  Check out what McTS trainers and programs can do for you. 


Sport Performance

McMillan Training Systems uses many methods of training to improve athletic ability; box jumping and strength to weight ratio is key factors for such improvements.  We are also able to correct and teach proper running techniques as well as testing skills.


Powerlifting and Strongman

At McMillan Training Systems we have all your needs for Powerlifting and a large assortment of Strongman equipment that continues to grow.  This is a real playground for the strength inthusiest.

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Bikini and Figure

We take pride in helping women conquer their fears in reshaping themselves and then show the world all their hard work.  McTS has a small committed group of women ages 60-20 that have a wide variety of experiences on stage.  Contact to find out what it takes to become one of these empowered women.

Why Choose Us?

McMillan Training Systems is an all inclusive facility allowing for various training options:

  • Weight-loss

  • General Fitness

  • High-Intensity Training

  • Athletic Development

  • Power lifting

  • Olympic Lifting

  • Strongman

  • Obstacle Course Race Training

  • Bodybuilding

  • Bikini and Figure Training

  • Boot Camp Training

We strive to customize your training and commitment to meet your needs and goals. McMillan Training Systems offers one-on-one personal, small group, boot camp and team training. This is accomplished by the owner Rick, his wife, Lauren, and several independent contractors.

Whatever your challenge is in life, McMillan Training Systems is here to help meet your goals, while training in a motivational and comfortable environment.

Contact McMillan Training Systems to meet with Rick, see our facility, and create your plan on developing a stronger you.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

Great gym, trainers are top notch and very knowledgeable. Very friendly and family oriented. Many gyms I felt like I didn’t fit in, but here I’m very comfortable with everything!!!!!! Great experience.
— T.W


Join a community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.


Monthly Memberships


     General/Program Development

     Small Group


Athletic Training

     Per Session


     Small Group


Drop-in Classes

$10 - Day Pass


Personal Training

Rates Very depending on Time and One-on-One/Group Size (Call for rates)