All of our trainers are certified in several different disciplines; as well as compete, which allows them to have a better understanding of their clients. They understand that life is a journey and that a fit body makes the travel along the road much easier.


Richard McMillan


Women's Fitness (Bikini/Figure)
Sports Conditioning (Speed and Agility)
Overall Conditioning
Strength Training (Powerlifting/Strongman


Rick is a former Division Strength and Conditioning Coach who has spent more than 20 years in the fitness training industry.  He brings experience through his own competitive nature into his training by combining traditional weight training with his own flair to High Intensity Conditioning.  Rick's first interaction is to introduce his clients to his best friend "the Prowler".

Amanda Boughter; AAAI Certified


Body Toning

HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training]

Weight Loss Management

Amanada's mission is to help women and men start their fitness journey while giving them the tools they need to live long and healthy lives.  As your personal trainer I will challenge, empower and drive you towards your health and fitness goals.  Amanda runs a 30 minute Sweat it to Shred it class and provides personal and small group training. 

Lauren McMillan

Strength Training
Women's Conditioning

Lauren, even though she is a certified personal trainer, she has gained most of her experience through competitions, seminars and one on one training with nationally known trainers.  She lives her life intensely and brings that style to her training.  She will guide you with no frills and enjoy the achievements with you.